Quraan Ki Char Bunyadi Istilahat

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Ilah, Rabb, Deen and ‘Ibadah, are four terms basic to the whole teaching of the Qur’an. Through-out its pages, it stresses again and again that Allah Almighty is the Rabb and the Ilah ;that there is no ilah but He, nor is there any other rabb, nor does He share with anyone else the qualities and attributes implied by these terms. He, and He alone should therefore be accepted as one’s Ilah and Rabb, and no- one else should in the least be believed to possess the attributes which these words imply. It also demands that we should give our ibadah to Him and Him alone, and not to anyone else, and make our deen exclusive to Him and reject all other deens !

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Quraan Ki Char Bunyadi Istilahat Part 1

  • Introduction to Book & Author
  • Lesson 02
  • Lesson 03

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